2.0 in June?

I recall you all saying Envel 2.0 would launch in June. Is this still planned and if so, any idea on the date?

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Absolutely! The plan is this weekend, fingers crossed! The only reason we would take longer is if we run into significant bugs/issues. We want to make sure we get it right before we release it!



Can’t wait to see what all was added/changed in 2.0.

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Keep your eyes out for some promotional emails/posts on social media! One big thing is the referral program: if you refer a friend to Envel, you both get $10! Also, owner cards will be available for order :slight_smile:
Also I chatted with our dev team this morning and unfortunately it may take until next week to release Envel 2.0, a few unexpected issues have come up.

Sucks about 2.0 being delayed a little. But, rather it be as bug free as it can.

As for the owner cards, who all can order those?

Really, the one card I’d like is a Pride one some day. Even that one you all showed off last week. But, I think the Pride colors were off. Purple is at the bottom, then blue, green, yellow, orange and then red at the top. So, just flip the colors on it and that would be Pride colors.

Hey John,

Owner cards are for folks who invested $250 or more in our crowdfunding campaign!

Haha I would LOVE to be able to offer users a pride card. Colorful cards (we originally had holographic cards, and now users have been asking for the pride card) are something I have always and will continue to push for. However, the unfortunately response I keep getting is that the time, money, and effort needed to make this happen is simply not feasible for us at this stage. We do not issue the cards ourselves, and have limited control over how they are manufactured. For example, we have been trying to get the red owner card ready since we ran our crowdfunding campaign back in March, and still don’t have a completely finalized design because the test cards the manufacturers send us don’t live up to our standards. But colorful cards, especially Pride cards, are something I will continue and continue to push for. My personal goal is to be able to offer users Pride cards in time for Pride 2022.

Anyways, long story short new cards take a lot of effort but I will keep pushing for it! And thank you for the correction about the Pride colors, we would definitely make sure we got it right before sending out cards.