2 Days Early Direct Deposit

Just saw on Facebook that Capital One banking is now offering up to 2 days early direct deposit. Hopefully, one day Envel will be able to offer this. But, think they can’t till Nbkc offers it since they are their partner bank. I did send Nbkc a message about a week or two ago asking them to please offer this feature.


Mention this conversation back in April bout the early direct deposits which I’m sure its up for a discussion based on there banking partners… :grinning:


Hey John,

Thank you for taking that initiative! While not on our current priority list, we do hope to implement at least a one day early DD sometime in the distant future. Please keep us posted on what you hear from them!


We’ve brought it up, and will continue to! As I mentioned to John, there are a lot of other features we are currently working on implementing with our banking partner.