2 suggestions!

first off, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! this is the most amazing banking app i have ever laid my eyes on.

i had 2 suggestions;

  1. affiliate links / referral links? and some kind of perks?
  2. business banking (something like this is nonexistent in the business world. i have Azlo right now and i love the different envelopes to organize my revenue, but you can’t link your debit card to different envelopes or have expenses pull from different envelopes like you can with envel)

i have my own online training course and i teach people how to manager their personal finances, as well as start and run their own online businesses. i will 1000% be recommending you guys to my students (hence the referral code suggestion hehe) and all of them will eventually be opening their own business bank accounts as well once revenue is consistent, and i would love to be able to recommend you to them then as well (hence the business banking suggestion lol)

again, thank you for creating this. it’s truly spectacular



Hi Aaron @aaronxmarkosky, happy new year :champagne: and thank you for the kind words!

Welcome to our Community Forum. To answer your questions :grin:

  1. Yes!!! a referral program is in the making, invite a friend, family member or student and you both get a gift. This is currently being build and working on the legal details (nothing major, just need to check that box).

  2. Business banking is definitely on our radar. At this moment we’re a relatively small team and our first mission is to make the current experience as smooth as possible. For example, for some users the onboarding isn’t as smooth as we want it to be and small niggles need to be ironed out. After that we will drastically speed up development of new features and capabilities.

This is awesome, please keep the suggestions coming!

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Thank you so much for your feedback and ideas @aaronxmarkosky! We’re so glad to have you be a part of our team :slight_smile: We actually have several meetings about a referral program scheduled tomorrow, as I agree that this has been hugely successful for other neobanks such as Step App! If you have more ideas, please keep them coming…our CEO/Founder Steve loves outside of the box thinkers!

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