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Account Locked, Need Help!

I started using Envel for the first time in a handful of months the other night. I transferred some money from Cash app into my Envel account. Everything was fine till yesterday morning. Had to deal with the fraud number, then later got a notification on my phone that there was something wrong with my debit card. Then got an email to verify myself, which I did.

Last thing I heard was Envel was reviewing all the info with NBKC Bank. Haven’t heard anything in many hours and it seems I can’t use my card. Tried buying something online and the site said the card had expired (which it hasn’t).

It’s now been over 24 hours since account got locked and getting zero help. They had all day yesterday to unlock my account but never did. Guessing I now get to wait till Mobday to hear anything. I have bills due this weekend which now I can’t pay. If I need to go out and buy anything, I now can’t. Not very pleased at all.

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Hey John,

I apologize again for these issues, I responsed on Discord.


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Now it’s Monday evening and still nothing. Account is still locked and getting no answers at all. Not sure why it’s taking all this time, they had all day Friday and all day today to unlock but haven’t. Why?

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Hey I’m with u!!! Gotta talk to someone higher in the hierarchy

Hey there,

Please set my reply in Discord. We asked you a question, and are waiting on your response.


Was this for me or TeeCee?

Mines not. Everything I send in as proof that it’s my stuff and my money, I’m told isn’t good enough. It’s been 10 days since it’s been locked.

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