Account/Routing # Not Recognized On Certain Apps/Websites


I’m trying to switch over all of my bills/ACH withdrawals over to my Envel envelopes but I’m hitting a roadblock on certain websites. When I enter my account number and routing info, I get an error saying that I’m not entering a valid routing/account number. I double and triple-check that everything is entered correctly and it still doesn’t work.

This is happening on Coinbase, Primerica, and Venmo that I’ve noticed so far. I’ve had no issues linking the same envelopes on similar sites like American Express or Betterment so I’m not sure what the problem is.

Is anyone else having any issues linking their accounts/envelopes on certain sites?


Im having a problem with them recognizing that I am not a nbkc member but rather an Envel. I was trying to send money via PayPal but wasn’t as to because it kept asking me to login to nbkc. Ended up having to set my debit card for Envel to Zelle in order to send money.

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I’m having this issue as well. I can’t link up to my main accounts.

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This has been hit/miss for me. PayPal worked. Apple Cash Card worked. Cash app worked. But Coinbase did not and I had to set up the debit card.


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Sorry to hear that, I believe this is a known issues that our dev and compliances teams are addressing, but will forward them your note in any case. It is possible that we do not support linking to Coinbase and Primerica, but I will definitely check and it is something we could eventually look to incorporate.

To link Venmo, I recommend following the instructions in this article: How to Link Envel to Venmo | Envel Help Center

If you have any other questions or issues, please let us know!


Hey there! Sorry to hear that. Which accounts are you trying to link to?

Just tried to add my new account as a “Destination Account” and “Source Account” on my BBVA Money Market account and it keeps telling me to “enter a valid routing number”.

One of my credit cards didn’t recognize the envel routing/acct number but the rest did fine.

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I’m having similar issues in setting up Envel bills for my AT&T account, in case it hasn’t been reported in the past.

Thank you for the heads up. If you can share any detail or screenshots about what you are seeing on your end, that would be helpful!

Thanks for the heads up! Which credit card didn’t it recognize?

Sorry you were having issues! Paypal shouldn’t be a problem: here are step by step instructions. Let me know if you are still having issues!

Does this happen when you use your Main account number as well as your envelope account numbers? Working to get this sorted out with the dev team!

Hello Everyone,

I’ve chatted with nbkc bank yesterday and they explained to me that typically with this error, is because the vendor’s system that is used does not have this routing number added yet because it is still relatively new.

In order to resolve this error, the users’ company (the vendor) will have to reach out to whichever service they use to validate routing numbers to make sure it is added to avoid future errors.

Nbkc unfortunately on their end does not have the access to make sure the routing numbers are added to all systems.


I personally don’t believe them and I think there must be a way in the year 2021 to sync routing numbers with the account validation providers.

Are some of them using Plaid?

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It’s complaining about the routing number. The routing number is the same for all account numbers so the account number doesn’t matter.

Gotcha. See Diederik’s response above!