Achieved Goals Bug

I submitted in the app but curious if anyone else is seeing this. With the latest update, I am seeing three achieved Goals.

Only one is actually achieved.

The other two are still missing funds. I think this is because I am having to use Goals for Yearly Bills and earlier in the month the goals were achieved, I paid the bill, and then changed the due date.

The update then brought it up as Achieved Goals.

I see that. I have several goals that were achieved and then I moved some money out of them for other things. Now I’d like to resume saving and the goals are stuck in achieved status.

I’ve tried editing the goals with new due dates, denied. Looks like I’m going to have to create new goals, transfer funds, and then delete the old ones.

Hey Jon,

I’m sorry about that! When you say its denied, do you mean that Envel flags it an unachievable? If you could screenshot what you are seeing that would be super helpful! In any case I am logging this as a high priority bug to our technical team.


Hey there,

Thank you for catching this! That’s definitely not supposed to happen. Logging this as a high priority bug to our technical team! Are these goals still funding at all?


Yes but not since June 4th. Should be daily right? Yes I have funds in the Vault.

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Remember we were saving for a couch?

That goal is achieved but we’ve decided we want a more expensive couch so we’ll need to save some more. I transferred $112 into the couch goal and then edited it changing the target from $2000 to $2500.

I saved my changes expecting the goal to move from Achieved Goal to Goal status where it will resume saving until it gets to $2500. But no, I’m denied.

It did recalculate the amount needed per day to reach the target by the due date so we are making progress. It didn’t do that in the previous release.

I understand that the AI brain may think my goal is unachievable in the given time. That may or may not be the case as my income is very irregular and varies wildly from week to week. I DO want it to go ahead and move the goal back into play, I’ll understand if I can’t make it on time and if it starts drawing too much on a daily basis I’ll manually move some extra money into it or push out the due date to adjust.

This is also where the progress tick mark would be helpful. If I’m behind or ahead of schedule, I want that visual indicator so I can easily see where I’m at. (mockup pictured below)

Hope this helps, Thanks!

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Thanks! One of our technical team members is working to implement a fix for this

Hey Jon,

Thank you, this helps a lot! One of our technical team members is currently working on a fix for the Achieved goal bug. It does appear based off of the red exclamation points that the app deems your goal as unviable. You should be able to save it even with the flag: is it not letting you? I just tested and it let me create a Goal for $1000 due in 2 days, which is definitely not feasible for me. We definitely want to help you get a nice new couch!


It will let me save the goal, but it will not move the goal from achieved to active status.

Since we’re working on that part of the app. I’d like to set some goals by the end date, others by the daily contribution. Either way, the AI brain should be able to do the math and get things going.

Are y’all going to add the pause this goal feature? Put it in the hidden menu or next to the “time left” indicator.

Thank you! Our technical team is currently working on a fix for the achieved goal bug. I know the pause button is part of the long term plan, but for now our engineers are prioritizing the subaccounts and the referral program. You do always have the option to extend the due date of your Goal, which I’ve had to do several times! But I agree a pause button would be nice, I’ll flag this to the team again!

I just wish goals were funded by payday instead of the vault. I hate seeing the money in my vault when it should be in goals.

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Ahh ok do you mean more funds go straight to your Goals each payday as opposed to going into the Vault and then gradually moving to your Goals on a daily basis?

Because we are ultimately aiming to help you achieve your Goals gradually while still feeling confident that you are building your long term savings!

I think for a lot of us, we are using Goals for yearly bills since you only have monthly bills. So that’s why for me, i hate seeing money in the vault that should be in Goals.

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Im having a similar issue. My active goals went from active to archived when I pulled some money from them. I put the money back and they are still showing as achieved. The are not achieved and are like 100 short. Hopefully this will be fixed as previously mentioned. Let me know if you need anymore details.

Hey @brandens777 ,

Thank you for catching this! You have the most recent update, correct? Do you happen to have any screenshots I can share for when I log this with our dev team?



Thank you so much! Logging now

My goals from my original post above are still showing as achieved.

Thanks for the update, I’ve logged this issue to our dev team!