When can we expect integration with plaid/acorns?

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I was thinking robinhood for investment services…

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should work without Plaid by using deposit verification
Why am I being asked to Verify my Funding Source? | Acorns.

Hey there,

Welcome to our forum, we are very excited to have you as a user and member of our community! Thank you @digiSal for the tip, let us know if that works for you! In terms of Plaid, we realize that this is an important feature to have, and as such our engineers have prioritized it! Unfortunately this feature doesn’t just require a flick of a switch, a fair amount of development is required for this to work in a secure environment. Our dev team are working on it and and once our test team has reviewed it, we are confident that it will be live in the app store within the next month!

Jacqui + the Envel team