Activating Autopilot for irregular income and paid off home

The other day I set up a savings goal and it is not funding automatically as it should. Could it be that Autopilot needs to be on for goals to automatically fund? I’ll switch it on and see.

Autopilot asks a few questions.

  • Paycheck $0 I own my own business and do not draw regular paychecks

  • Utilities $660 based on an average of last years utilities

  • Subscriptions $40

  • Rent/Mortgage $0 Paid off home! Woop!

Unable to activate Autopilot. It doesn’t like my answers.

Week by week, I don’t know how much I’m going to make. There are good weeks and there are bad weeks. I’m guessing envel’s AI needs all the questions answered to calculate how it’s going to move things around?

I set the “paycheck” setting to Semi-Monthly andchanged Rent/Mortgage to $10 so it’s not zero. I was able to activate the Autopilot.

It shuffled things around and it’s turned on. I’ll go for a few days and see what happens.

How do I go back and make changes to the initial setup? It bothers me that I’ve had to set Rent/Mortgage to $10. I’ve got a paid-off home but there are other ways that people could be living Rent/Mortgage free.

Is “Paycheck” an estimate of income? If so I can go back to last year’s taxes and get a monthly average. How do I change it or is the AI going to notice changes based on deposits?

Is there documentation to help me understand how the system works?

Hey Jon,

Correct, you must be on autopilot in order for your goals to fund. You do bring up a good point: not all of our users have regular paychecks. Currently, the AI does need these answers to calculate the budget of your different envelopes. That being said, I will bring this up to the team and see if there is a work around in the current version, or one that we could implement.

In terms of documentation, that is also something we are working on. However, if you have specific questions I can do my best to answer them!


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Has goal funding been fixed? Autopilot has been on now for more than 24 hours and my goals have not funded.

Goals fund from your vault envelope, I believe. So if you don’t have money in vault, or not “enough” money in vault, it won’t find them based on my experience. What “enough” money is, I’m not sure, though.

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Hey Cait,

You are correct! Goals are funded from your vault. The issues around goal funding should have been fixed last week, so let us know if you are still having any problems.


I’ve learned today that any amount of deposit in your Paycheck account will trigger the autopilot to sort it into bills and goals.

So, I’d suggest putting any money you want sorted into your Paycheck account and as long as Autopilot is on it will sort all deposits.

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