Adding in Percentages into Amount per Month Section

I would love to see envelopes have percentages as an option in the Total amount per month section. I think it would be a really good thing for the app especially since some people don’t have fixed deposits. In my opinion, this was the only thing that I wish was in the app. Everything else is great.

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Yeah, I’m looking for this functionality as well. I just can’t find anyone who does it.

I’m an independent contractor for a living, and I get several deposits each week, sometimes each day. I’d like for an envelope to automatically be triggered every time a deposit is made, and that envelope takes a user-defined percentage of the deposit. So like for end-of-year taxes, I’d set aside 15% of every deposit. Or rent, 10%, or whatever.

And this functionality would work until a predetermined balance for that envelope is reached, say my Rent envelope can stop adding to it when it has a balance of $1,000 or something.