Adding virtual pocket lags app

I’m on iOS 14.3 on iPhone XR. New to the app. I added one of my accounts via virtual pocket and right after the app froze and was very unresponsive. I minimized the app and the opened it and the lag was gone. Another issue is can you stop the location services pop up message every time I open the app. If I want to find a. ATM I can enable it and it’s already set to allow when using the app. Let me know how I can help. Thanks


Is atm location the only reason the app wants location services enabled? I was assuming the AI wanted to use it for something.


So eventually we hope to incorporate a feature that will allow users to search for near by deals (for example, you could ask it 'where is the cheapest cup of coffee in a certain radius), and our AI would tell you!

@brandens777, the location services is also for your security. If you are transacting in the US and then 10 minutes later all of a sudden there’s a transaction from your account in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we will be able to know that there is something shady going on and can project your account!

Cheers, and thank you for the feedback,

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Interesting, and it makes sense. I’ll enable it and see how it goes I just hope it won’t eat my battery.


Hey there!

I already mentioned the location service on my comment below, but I have a hack for your other issue!

If you go to settings on your phone and select ‘Always’ for location services, the repeated notifications will stop.

However, now that I mention it, maybe people don’t want Envel to have their location all the time, what do you think? Great suggestions, appreciate your feedback!

I will make a note of the annoying pop ups in any case

I ordered a crypto-miner from England via PayPal and the automated system called to verify that it was me trying to make the purchase. Good work.

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Hey Jon,

Thank you for letting us know! We definitely want to prevent fraudulent transactions at all costs, so glad to hear our measures are working properly.