AI not working bills are not being pulled from bills

I have plenty of money in the bills envelope but my bills are being pulled from cash where I have insufficient money to pay them they are then being declined and now I’m late on some bills. I also have the hard cash cut off turned off. By that logic it should automatically pull from emergency or vault or maybe even bills. But it’s asking for confirmation to do so? That’s ridiculous this should be automatic. Now I need to go through all my automated bills are assign them to individual envelopes? That’s manual mode, this AI is BS if you ask me. It sucks and is not intelligent in the slightest. I may have to switch platforms if these occurrences continue. Heh.

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I noticed I had to manually pull cash from my envelopes to the cash envelope so my bills were paid on time. I am in the same boat.

Personally I had an expense set up for every individual recurring bill I had when I was using simple. Not one lumped together envelope. That sounds like a much better solution than relying on a black box A.I. to figure it out. I was hoping that the manual entry for bills setup was just that but that definitely doesn’t seem to be the case.

The AI doesn’t work on Bills. You have to tell your bills your bills envelop account numbers in order to have the money come out of your Bills envelop.

Hey there!

I’m so sorry you had a negative experience. With our upcoming sub accounts, where you will have a few select accounts like Bills and Spending, and envelopes under these accounts which all have the same account number, this is exactly the type of issue we are aiming to resolve. So if you don’t have sufficient funds in one envelope, the app will automatically pull from another, since it will be under the same account number!

I will say that a lot of users do appreciate the ability to have certain envelopes protected (i.e. not automatically pulled from), and we will definitely still have that option with subaccounts, where users can create entirely new accounts.

We are currently building this in the backend, and have actually been doing zoom calls with users to help us build and design this feature. If you are interested in helping out, we would love to get your feedback, as this is exactly the type of situation we want to resolve with subaccounts!

All the best,
Jacqui + the Envel Team

Hey there! You have AI turned on, correct? Also, please see my message below about subaccounts and how we are planning to resolve issues like this!


It’s definitely turned on.

I see, thank you. Unfortunately that’s the way we have the app currently set up at the moment, but one of our main focuses as a team is on building the subaccounts, which I mentioned above, to help solve problems like this! You can also always link your Cash envelope to vendors, and then move these transactions into Bills after the fact.

I hope his helps, and please let us know if you run into any other issues!


How do you move the transactions into bills? Or other envelopes? I had a subscription come out yesterday but I had to move funds out of the bill envelope into cash. I didn’t know what time the merchant would take out the payment, but I had an estimate of what time it would come out, and since I had to move it out of my bills envelope, does the AI know I budgeted and still paid that bill if I had to move it out into cash envelope?

Also before I did all of this I linked my card to the bills envelope of the subscription that had to come out but had to do it 3 times because the timer kept running out. The merchant that takes the payment is in a different time zone so I wasn’t sure at exactly what time that merchant was going to take my payment and had to keep linking my card to bills because the timer kept running out.


Hey Julius!

To move a transaction, simple tap on it (on either your transactions page, or individual envelopes) and you should see a big rectangle with the envelope its currently in, with the word ‘Move’ and two arrows next to it. Click on this and then select the envelope you’d like the funds to be pulled from! And as long as you move the transaction to Bills, even if its originally from Cash, the AI will recognize this as a Bill. We are working on building a feature where users can select that they’d like all transactions from a certain vendor to be pulled out of a certain envelope!

The card link time limit issue is also one we are tackling with subaccounts. We are planning to allow users to link their card to different envelopes indefinitely! Or potentially give them the option of how long they want it linked, including indefinitely.

Hopefully these updates will help make it easier for you to manage your finances!


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Thank you! I appreciate everyone’s hard work and dedication on the Envel team!

Anytime! Happy to help, thank you for bearing with us.


I rarely let money in cash because I put money in the different envelopes. I set up for bill envelope as well. It got my attention when I got recently been past due. Somehow it hurts my credits. I was terrified because I tried to build a good credit. Then I had to check all bills. Then I had the same issue like this thread. Money didn’t withdraw the right way. It made me not trust the AI system anymore.

And the another note, the name or title of transaction or “Withdrawal from the bills” is challenging for me to know where the bill come from. I wanna know details. I have to click it

Hey Oliver,

I’m so sorry to heard that you are having troubles! It looks like the transaction you posted was completed. Which transaction(s) were past due and affected your credit score? And were they made by debit card or by linking your Bills account number to the vendor?