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AI split not working properly

I have waited awhile to post about this, hoping that it was just an early bug that would be fixed. However, after all the version updates and fixes, it seems as though the AI is just simply ignoring the autonomous envelope for gas and groceries. I usually receive about $400 a week, and I fully expect most of this to go to bills. What usually happens, though, is ALL of it goes into bills, because it seems that it waits until last minute to actually start funding my bills for the month. The end result is no money left over for anything else. This is a far cry from what I was used to with Simple, where the system knew exactly how much I needed, when I needed it, and would fund individual expenses accordingly. I would know how much was coming out, and how much would be left over from my checks. Now, I sit here and pray that the correct amount is actually being funded to bills, and hoping that the amount sitting in cash is not actually for my expenses. Moving back to the Gas and Grocery envelopes, when Bills is fully funded, instead of putting even a partial amount into them, it throws all the rest into Cash after funding Emergency and the Vault. The amount that it places into Cash usually greatly exceeds the amounts that I have chosen for Gas and Groceries. I was hoping that these funding discrepancies would be alleviated when using itemized bills. To a degree, it has, but it still seems off. To make things worse, when I try to re-calibrate, it takes a large chunk of what I do have in Bills, and shoves it into Cash and Emergency. At this point, it also chooses to finally fund Gas and Groceries. I feel like the only way to make this all work is to manually re-calibrate every time that I am payed. This seems to defeat the whole purpose of the app.

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Hi there - thank you for the valuable feedback.

I would like to dig into the details.
Are you able to log a support ticket so that we can securely pick up your account details?

Hey Mike,

Thank you for bringing this up. I’m very sorry that this did not work as expected.

A few quick things I would check:

  1. When you tap on the brain icon and select ‘Recalibrate,’ and then go to Bills, are the amounts and due dates of your Bills set correctly? This is what determines how much your bills are funded.

  2. For your custom envelopes for gas and groceries, what is the amount you indicated you’d like in these envelopes per month?

I’m definitely going to pass along your note to our technical team, and see if they have any further guidance or suggestions.

On the bright side, we are planning to deploy our ‘sub accounts’ system in the next few months (where you will only have a few account numbers, one for Bills, one for Cash, and one for Vault, and then the option to create sub-envelopes under these larger categories). The plan is to allow you to indicate what percentage of your paycheck you’d like to allocate to each envelope. Hopefully you will find this system much simpler (no pun intended).


I have the gas set at $50 and groceries at $100. It has never funded these automatically, no matter how much comes in for income. All the excess goes into cash. The dates for the bills are correct, and leading up to the due dates it does fund enough into the envelope, but only as the date approaches. For me, it seems the AI is treating all other income as expendable, when in reality I will most likely need it for bills. I guess the best way I can describe it, is that it seems to procrastinate until the last minute when it comes to funding what I need into bills. Only when I recalibrate does it pay attention to the gas and groceries, but then it decides I don’t actually need much money in bills, and snatches it out.

How would I go about doing that?

I’m assuming they are talking about the Help Chat.

If so in the app for to
Settings >
I Need Some Help?(Support) >
Still Stuck ? Contact Us > Send A Message.

I’d probably just mention your problem and reference this conversation. :man_shrugging:

I noticed that Jacqui helped out with a ticket and Randolf has already picked up on it.
Can you see the conversation when you are in the app and go to this location?

  • “?” at the top of the app,
  • “I need some help”,
  • Scroll to the bottom for “Previous chats”.

Spot on, thx!
We have changed this in 2.0.20:

  • “?” at the top of the app,
  • “I need some help”,
  • Scroll to the bottom for “Still need help? Contact Us”.
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My issues with the AI split seem to be resolved. It properly funded my envelopes with the latest deposit.

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Hey there,

I’m so glad to hear that! We’ve made quite a few tweaks and improvements to the AI since you last posted. Please let us know if you run into this or any other issues.