Allocated per bill?

I’ve been getting by not needing to know how much has been saved towards each bill but I think this could be useful.

I currently have a bunch of big payments due and I’m having to do some math to make sure I have enough in my Bills envelope since the transactions haven’t gone through.

Any plans in adding this? Even if it’s hidden somewhere in the itemized section.

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I can see where this could be difficult to implement since you also have to be able to deduct transactions as they happen.

So if you are still considering moving forward with Sub Accounts you should consider creating sub accounts under the Bills envelope based on all the itemized bills. If you do that, we can then tag our bills to each sub account as the the transactions come in.

But if you do do that all you’re doing is duplicating simple.

Hey there,

Thank you for this! A key focus for this week is resolving trust/transparency issues related to money movement, and I’ve flagged this to our dev team as high priority! I personally would like there to be small bars/graphs in the Bills envelope that show the progress of each Bill.

If you can think of anything else, please let me know!