An Alternative to YNAB?

I’m not sure if anyone used the budgeting software called “You Need A Budget”, but I am currently using the software to help w/ my own budget. However, my problem with the software is that it requires a lot of discipline to use. It can be a heaven sent program when you are able to use it on a weekly basis, but if you need to do it on a daily basis? It’s hurts.

I was pitched this bank account and at first I was like “great. Yet another bank account? I got too many already” but I feel that this time, this one might actually be helpful as it is similar to the YNAB educational system. Also, you don’t need the software to actually use the principals.

So, I’m going to give this a run and hopefully, it will be the answer to my wishes.

Hi there! Welcome to the community forum! We’re thrilled to have you (and your feedback) here!

You are correct, it is a more automated version of YNAB! They offer really great tools but we think Envel pulls together a number of budgeting tools to fulfill your financial needs more holistically (all-in-one budgeting bank account). Please visit the Envel help center for more specific guidance but feel free to post here and we will get back to you!

Envel uses an envelope system to earmark money for your needs (as well as automatically funds them each paycheck), allows you to set goals (which also fund automatically), create shared envelopes and much more!

Enjoy getting to know the product! I look forward to hearing more of your feedback! Please feel free to report bugs, make suggestions and ask questions :grin:


Hopefully, as I start on this journey, this will be the best decision I ever made as far as financial tools are concerned because as much as I love YNAB and the idea, the fact that I have to track things to a point that if I don’t do attend to it every time I swipe my card, I risk falling behind and it drives me nuts.

Sadly, while this will knock out the envelopes of my cash holdings, it’s a small price to pay.

BTW, will there be a way to hook this up to software to help manage your budget outside of it?

Its not something we’re currently looking into but I will bring it up :slight_smile:

Since budgeting seems to be an internal part, it would be nice if you can manage assets that isn’t tired down.

So, if I do say… count the cash as part of my budget, I can manually put that in there, making it reflect better.

Or hopefully, if there’s Plaid integration, then I can just use YNAB and while it’s double the put in, it’ll be less work. Oh, the possibilities to finally control my budgets are endless.

The possibilities are endless! Our ultimate goal is to serve as your all-in-one banking and budgeting app, so we’d love to hear about features & functionalities from YNAB that you think could improve Envel.


There are some things I can think of, but for now, I have to wait until I actually use it. Still waiting for my card.

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When did you order it? It can currently take up to 7 business days. Apologies for any delays, and we are excited to have you on board!

I signed up on Sunday. So it should get here hopefully by Friday or next week.

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Let me know if it doesn’t!

So, it’s been two business weeks and no card. :frowning:

I am so very sorry! Do you mind messaging me the email or phone number associated with your account? I can check with the team and see if I can get an update about your card.

Well, so far, I haven’t really dive deep into this just yet. What’s stopping me is the lack of plaid integration with my other apps since I am a freelancer and need input about my budgets, offers and what’s not. It’s nice to finally get a card, but until this service is with Plaid, I can’t really give any additional feedback.

Thank you for the note, we are keeping track of all the requests we get for this and other features. As of now, this is our second most requested feature after a web app. I will keep this forum updated with our progress on implementing new features!