ATM Feature Needed

It would be great to have an ATM feature built into to the app where you can find a free ATM near you using a map and your current location. It would be so helpful!


What would be more helpful is to actually be able to use the card at an ATM. Mine won’t work.

Hey Sandor,

Welcome to our forum! I am sorry to hear that. Has this happened once, or at multiple ATMs? Do you remember what types of notifications you are receiving? The card should work with most ATMs? If this is an ongoing issue, I would like to log this and also suggest opening up a ticket by emailing (I can do this for you if you message me the phone or email that is linked to the account!)


What ATMs does Envel work with. I need to take out money today but can’t find anywhere on the site about which ones they work with. Anyone know if they work with Allpoint ATMs?

I want an ATM map so I can find a nearby ATM that is in a network with NO FEES.

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Great suggestion, I will add an ATM map to our list of requested features! I agree this would be very useful. @ceasar25 this should also help you out!

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