Autonomous Envelopes Not Funding?

Don’t know if it’s a bug, or if I just haven’t been using Envel long enough to understand how autopilot works:

I have now received two ACH deposits from two jobs’ paychecks, and my autonomous Gas envelope and the autonomous Groceries envelope are not receiving any automatic funding. Also, it does not appear that my Bills envelope is funding fast enough. My Cash account seems to have way too much money in it compared to my Bills envelope (and, again, no money has been allocated for groceries despite setting a desired monthly amount in the envelope settings).

This is concerning because I am in the process of moving several autopay series (for my mortgage, utilities, etc.) to directly withdraw from my Bills account and there does not appear to be a way for me to manually add or “top-off” funds while autopilot is enabled.

Any insights or tips to establishing reliable autopilot results?

Hey there,

I am sorry that you are having trouble! The AI currently takes a bit of time to assess your spending and deposit patterns. However, the next update, which we are aiming to release in the next few days, includes lots of improvements to the overall AI functionalities.

For now, I would recommend either switching off autopilot and waiting for the upcoming app update (and please give us a heads up if you are still experiencing these issues afterwards!) or manually moving funds between envelopes, which you can to instantly. In order to top off your bills, you would go to your Envelopes screen (far left on the bottom), then select “Transfer” in the top rectangle. From there, you can instantly transfer between any of your envelopes and goals.

We appreciate your patience, and let us know if you are having other issues!