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Autonomous Envelopes Question/Suggestion

I like to manage my own accounts and don’t have any desire to use AI, however would love my accounts to automatically receive a certain amount of money per paycheck as opposed to me manually spilling it up.
I see there is the option of creating custom autonomous envelopes. So assuming this still gets funded per paycheck even when AI is off (does it?). This seems like a great way for me to recreate my manual envelopes (I have one for every bill) to an autonomous one.
However, I see two issues that are going to make this process difficult to pull off.
Here is an example. Let’s say I have an internet bill due on the 17th of each month for $70. When I create my autonomous envelope, it only asks me how much per month, it doesn’t ask what date the amount is needed by. I currently get paid weekly, but I assume that this will only be checking that $70 will be there at the end of the month, hence the account would be short by the 17th.
It also uses the wording “The total monthly amount you would like funded into this envelope each month”, which makes me wonder if it’s assuming the 1 month period is at the numeric end of each month, or possibly exactly one month from whenever the user creates the autonomous envelope.
Lastly this would would make the difficulty very high for figuring out exactly how and when to remove a manual envelope and create a replacement autonomous one (let alone update all account numbers with every bill already pulling from the manual accounts).

So here is the suggestion and one question.

  1. First of all, will custom autonomous accounts have money automatically withdrawn if AI if off (otherwise I’m still stuck without options)
  2. Is there a reason or could it be an option to allow specifying when the money is needed by (ex. 14th of each month, Third Wednesday of each month, etc…), that way you know that the correct amount will arrive on time during initial creation.
  3. It would be nice to be able to “Convert” a manual envelope to an Autonomous envelop, because for people who already have manual envelope setup, it means those account numbers are already linked to different companies for billing. Converting would allow end users not to have to log into every company and enter new accounts numbers after switching to autonomous.

Lastly, if custom autonomous envelopes do not automatically fund unless AI is enabled. Then is it possible to allow manual envelopes to have an option to automatically fund an exact amount per paycheck?

** Just since I know I keep getting asked why I don’t want to use AI (I’m sure I’m not the only one). It’s because AI doesn’t mean anything on a technical level. I’m a developer, and if simple create a few “if, then, else” statements in my code, I can legally call it AI. It simply means that somebody created a black box algorithm in the background that tries to make decisions based off anything.
When it comes to money, I like to have each bill have it’s own account numbers and I simply want to be able to put an exacting amount in those accounts per paycheck, I don’t want the system to guess what my financial priorities are or make decisions on what money is “extra”.
For many people that might be enticing, but I don’t have issues managing my money nor do I want a computer to alter monetary accounts at all unless I’m the one telling it what to do.

Currently this is still my largest gripe with Envel, and my largest sadness over Simple going out of business. It allowed you to simply create an envelope and say put this amount in here per paycheck.

I’ve been asking for a method to do this since Envel started up and it’s still not possible. I have a hard time believing I’m the only user who doesn’t want a computer deciding what money will go where unilaterally.

I also took the time and effort to already create all of these manual envelopes when I joined, because it was the only option, and it works great. It’s just extremely time consuming and annoying to have to open the app every paycheck (weekly) and manually move money from the cash account to each manual folder instead of just having a feature in each manual envelop to either receive x amount per paycheck or pull x amount from cash every x days.

That’s the end of my rant on that topic, but it has seemed very clear all along that Envel is all about shoving the AI at users and disregarding any features or options to help users who want to manage their money themselves.

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Hey! You hit the nail on the head, the logic of the Simple expenses feature was bulletproof. It allowed me to select the due date, the amount needed, and the frequency of my paychecks, and it automatically moved the money to cover the bills that are due sooner before filling up other expenses and my bills were always full when I needed them to be.

I would love to be able to assign the value/percentage of my deposits to each envelope once and have it continue following that logic automatically.

Hey there,

Thank you for your post, questions and feedback. To address your suggestions and questions:

  1. Unfortunately not. Goals however, will be funded if AI is off, so you could create, for example, a goal for $70 due on February 17th, or a goal for $140 due on March 17th, or as far as you’d like to go.

  2. If you’d like to use your Bills envelope (AI would need to be on), you do have the option to set due dates, payment frequencies, and amounts. You could set this bill to be due monthly on the 17th for $70, and your Bills envelope would be funded with that amount.

For custom autonomous envelopes, if you indicate in the envelope that you need $70 per month, and you are paid twice a month, the envelope would be funded $35 each paycheck. So if you did have a Bill due for $70 on the 17th, and set up the envelope today, you should have $70 in there (assuming you get paid around Feb 1 and Feb 15) by February 17th.

However, for both these options, you would need to have AI on.

With subaccounts (heads up it will take us some time to migrate existing users to this new system) you will have a lot more control over which envelopes are funded, and how much. I think that you’ll like this system a lot better, as you’ll always know which envelopes will be funded, and by how much.

  1. Thats a great suggestion! I will run this by our

  2. Unfortunately not, manual envelopes can currently only be deposited into by the user.

I’m going to run your feedback by our team, to see if they have any other suggestions or feedback. We’ve been working with several Simple users to build subaccounts, and I think that once we do implement this system, you’ll find it a lot more similar too Simple.


Hey Chelsea!

Thank you for your feedback. Please see my response below about subaccounts. We’re working on building a system to allow you to indicate which percentages of your paycheck you’d like to go to which envelope.