Balance of Cash after rejected withdrawal

My card was declined and it asked me if I wanted to try again and cover from my emergency fund. I said yes but transaction never went through again but now the total balance of my Cash folder is the exact amount I needed for the transaction.

The thirty minute window has passed. Why is my balance matching the declined charge?

The transaction is an Amazon purchase so that’s why it didn’t try again. I guess they only try once.

Hey there,

One thing to note is that Amazon transactions almost always take at least a few hours to clear, so even if you link your card to an envelope, they don’t always come out of that envelope because the transaction doesn’t clear in time.

Since the transaction never went through, my best guess is that the app took all the funds that it could out of your Cash envelope, and then the remainder from your Emergency fund, and then when the transaction was rejected it returned ALL of these funds (the transaction total) into your Cash.

Does this make sense?


It does . Thank you for that

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