Bill / ACH outgoing

How would I connect Envel for things like bill payments? I tried connecting to Rocket Mortgage and the transaction fails as receiving a deposit from them instead of a withdrawal to them.

Hey @wcschu ,

Welcome to our forum! I’m sorry you are having issues, although I do believe I can help you get it sorted.

Which routing and account numbers did you provide to Rocket Mortgage? A common mistake people making is linking their Deposit account (which is only used for incoming funds, and should typically only be given to employers for the purpose of direct deposit). Make sure that:

  1. You give Rocket Mortgage the account and routing number from your Cash envelope (or any envelope that you would like to make the payment from) and

  2. You have sufficiently funds in that Envelope. If you choose to pay from Cash, and have your Cash set to “Daily Limit,” make sure that your daily limit gives you enough funds on payment day to pay that Bill. You can always turn Cash Limit off as well!

Keep me posted, and let us know if you have any other feedback or questions. We are excited to have you on board!