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Bills overview only available when "recalibrating" Autopilot

Currently, to view what current bills are we have to “recalibrate” Autopilot which seems unnecessary. I’d like to see something with a bills overview to see all my bills and all their applicable info and not be editing autopilot.



I second this! It would make it a ton easier and provide peace of mind to be able to reference that throughout the month.

Another part of this issue is if we want to modify our bills. If I sign up for a new subscription and I want to add it to my bills all of my envelopes are recalibrated. I did this yesterday and all of my envelopes were refilled from my emergency and cash envelopes. I don’t need my cash and emergency envelopes emptied to refill my other envelopes at the end of the month a week before getting paid. The AI should be smarter about that and we should be able to modify our bills without forcing a full recalibration of everything.

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Hey everyone,

Thank for all the feedback! These are some great ideas that I will take back to our development team for discussion. I do agree that bills should be easier to view/ modify without having to go through with recalibrating every time.

Let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions for improving your Envel experience.

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