Blocking card

So, here’s an odd situation: Because I am currently trying to keep track of autopay, subscriptions and weird authorized (yet unauthorized) transactions, I figured the best way to do it (and earn points w/ SoFi since they encourage daily logins) is to block my card. Great technique to help control spending, but it gets annoying unblocking it every time I want to pay for something.

I was wondering how will owning this bank account will end that practice?

Hey there,

Just to be clear, are you talk about blocking your SoFi or Envel card? And would you be able to give more detail on the unauthorized transactions you are seeing? This was I can convey to our dev team so we can help get this solved ASAP!


The SoFi card. I do this to control spending.

So I was wondering if that would be needed as much in Envel?

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No! Unless you choose to turn autopilot off. The autopilot allocates funds to cover all your expenses, build your savings, and give you a guilt-free daily (or weekly) spending limit. Once you reach your daily spending limit, your card will be declined (unless you go into the app and either link your card to a new envelope, or manually transfer between envelopes). This way you can be assured that your bills will be covered, your savings will accumulate consistently, and that you can enjoy your daily spending without guilt.

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