Bug alert: Available funds show as pending (and how to fix it)

Hi everyone,

I wanted to apologize to everyone who’s had deposits show up as pending in their account for more than a few days after the deposits are made. I understand that this has caused our users stress and frustration, and we are truly very sorry for this.

The good news is that this is only a bug, that our engineering team is working hard to sort out this week. If its been more than a few days, your funds ARE available in your account: the bug is that they show up as pending.

What you should do is contact support (by emailing support@envel.ai, or using the chat function in app), and letting them know when the deposit was made, and what the amount was.

I also want to make sure that anyone what has experienced this issue gets timely support. If you do contact support, feel free to message or email me (jacqui@envel.ai) the name or email associated with your account, so I can make sure a member of our support team gets back to you ASAP. We really appreciate your patience, and apologize again for any stress this has caused you!

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