Calibrate AI Additional Monthly Spending

Finally got a chance to play around in the app, and while I’m working on switching around accounts from Simple (RIP), I noticed in the calibration for the AI management that your three categories of monthly spending are Utilities, Subscriptions and Rent/Mortgage. While those are certainly some big ones, as someone who’s still working through debt, an additional monthly category of “debt pay off” or even just a “miscellaneous “ category beyond those three would be helpful. I know I can just throw it in one of those three categories but there is something satisfying about being able to delete that spending category once it’s gone :slight_smile:

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Hey Jacob,

Excellent point! In the future we plan to allow users to list different expenses within their Bills category, which should help. What a lot of our users currently do is create a Goal for their credit card or other debt. And I completely agree- deleting an expense that you’ve paid off is extremely satisfying! This would be the case if you were to create a goal: once you hit the due date and the amount (which you only have to enter once, and then you can forget about it until the due date).

Let us know if you have any other questions or feedback, and appreciate your note!


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