Can’t send money to linked external bank

I have my Chime checking connected to Envel. It appears as a linked external account at the bottom of my envelop list and shows a balance. However, when I try to send money to this account, it doesn’t show up as a linked bank account. I watched the video online on how to do this and then don’t understand why it’s not listed as a linked bank. How can I get money Chime?

I should also add that Chime doesn’t allow you to connect to Envel on their side as they don’t recognize Envel thorough Plaid and NBKC doesn’t connect using Envel’s login info.

Hey there! I am sorry you are having issues. Do you have the latest update? Would you mind deleting the external Chime account and linking it again? I am very sorry for the trouble!

There are two linked account areas. The view-only area in the envelope page is obvious, but not very useful. The only other way to see linked banks is hidden under send money to an external bank workflow. It took forever to find it. Since this is a functional need, it should probably have higher priority in the UX. And it shouldn’t only be accessible from a flow that needs to be canceled to make any changes! Linked accounts should be accessible from settings or something like that.

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Thank you! We are working on clarifying the language in the ‘Send’ button to make it clear that users can send funds to external bank accounts as well as friends.