Can we PLEASE get Automatic deposit into manual envelops

I’m a founder and been onboard since the beginning, but might have to cut my losses and move on if there aren’t any plans to allow people simple control of their money.
I have zero want for AI, I actually like to micromanage my money. I simply want to be able to say something like drop $x into x envelop per paycheck. that’s it.
The functionality is already there for the primary 4 automatic envelops, but I’m only allowed to create 3 extras of those.
It’s ridiculous that my only option would be to turn on AI to add this feature, which means that it would be moving around aspects of my money that I don’t want.
I already have over 12 manual envelops for each bill and my bills already pull from those envelops but I have to manually keep funding a portion of them every paycheck.
I’ve been begging since you started for this functionality, I just want to know if this is on your radar, are you working on it? Or am I going to find somewhere else?
I just wish you weren’t forcing AI down everyone’s throat. AI doesn’t even mean anything in programming . I could have three if then else statements and call it AI. I can’t imagine I’m the only customer who doesn’t want to just set their own schedule for payment splits and not have to worry about what Envel thinks I might want my money to do.
Sorry if this sounds negative, I actually love your product, It’s just been months and I can do something that feels obvious and necessary still.
Please just let me know if this is something that is in the works or on the map, so I can figure out where I’m goin from here.
thanks… end rant


Hey Jay,

Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate your honesty! In terms of the 3 extra envelopes, you can actually create as many as you’d like? Have you had issues with this? Make sure you are on the latest version?

You bring up an excellent point about the manual envelopes that am currently chatting with our CEO about. We are planning on allowing selective use of autopilot sometime down the line, and I will confirm this with our technical team next week and see if I can get more details!


I second this. I feel like every time I get paid, I have to go through and check everything to make sure I have enough in Bills to pay my bills and move money into my manual envelopes for my expenses that aren’t monthly. I loved that it was automatic with Simple and I do appreciate that having to do this has made me more cognizant of where my money is going, but I wish I didn’t have to go and do it every payday.


Hey Coley,

Thank you for your input. I have spoken with our dev team about this, and they mention that if you and @chetstriker set the calibrations accordingly, you can have nothing moved to Bills, minimal to Emergency and Vault, and the ret will be allocated like they set it per custom Autonomous envelope. You would do this by not inputting any Bills while calibrating, and setting your Spending Guidance to Spending Mode.

Hopefully this helps while we continue to work on making the Autopilot funding more customizable!


That’s not really what I was saying. I want money moved to Bills every time I get paid so I have enough money set aside to pay my bills. The whole reason I like this envelope system is because I always had a hard time remembering to have enough money available to pay bills. The problem is the AI is not putting enough funds in my Bills envelope for bills that are due that pay period. Every time I get paid, I have to check and make sure there’s enough in there to pay my bills that will be coming out before my next paycheck. What good is AI if it doesn’t know that since I’m getting paid on this date and this bill is due before then, there should be enough money in the Bills envelope to fund it? I don’t think that’s an unreasonable expectation.

I have bills that are annual or quarterly that I can’t set up with autopilot because quarterly/annual aren’t options for frequency, so I have to fund them manually every time I get paid. That’s why @chetstriker’s suggestion would be helpful. I’ve gotten used to remembering to go in and put money in those envelopes every time I get paid, but it’d be nice if I didn’t have to do that.

Hey Coley,

Thank you for clarifying! Our most recent updates should have resolved any issues with AI funding to the Bills. When is the last time you noticed an error? Do you mind letting us know what happens the next time a deposit comes in?

I have made a note to our dev team to add more options for payment frequency to Itemized Bills, and they are in agreement! For now, I would recommend creating a Goal for these expenses.


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Just adding my vote here.

I don’t think of my bills as a lump sum, but rather the individual bills, so while I haven’t had a problem with having enough money in the bills envelope yet, I wonder what will happen as my gas bill or electric bill goes up and down with the seasons. I’ve tried to mitigate this by entering my monthly average from last year as the bill amount for those, but it’s still something to think of. It also makes it hard for me to see where the money goes. (Having category labels for spending is a start, as I have heard being able to see money spent per category is coming, but I’m not sure it is the full solution).

In addition, the vault, which seems to be for future goals and “someday maybe” monies, is funded ahead of my custom Autonomous envelopes. So for two months now, they have not been funded , and I’ve manually moved money to them for things I would consider a priority over “someday maybe” goals. I know I need to lose a few pounds, but not funding my groceries envelope is probably not the best way to do it :wink:.

Finally, I’m 10 cents away from turning off the cash feature entirely. I am disappointed whatever I don’t spend at the end of the week disappears into the vault. It is nice to have the guidance as to about how much I should spend each week, but if I don’t spend it all, I want it to roll over to spend guilt free until the end of the month or such time I decide to move it to a goal or the vault. I made a suggestion on reddit about this which seems to have been received positively, so I’m hoping that’s in the works soon.

Though these comments may seem negative, I am still pleased with where Envel is going, and I feel you are listening which is better than most banks are doing. My terrestrial bank’s online app is just shy of useless, so I am really pleased to see Envel progressing. Thank you for all the hard work you and the development team are doing.

Hey Yen-ri,

Thank you very much for your constructive suggestions! Haha I’m sorry about the groceries envelope, the AI does prioritize your core 4 envelopes. You could always create a groceries goal, which will be funded from your Vault with certainty!

I definitely made a note of your suggestion to our dev team and they liked it a lot, I think they are just prioritizing other features at the moment. You do always have the option to keep your Autopilot on and just turn sounding guidance off!

In any case, I am conveying your note, suggestions, and support for the auto deposits into manual envelopes to the team! As I mentioned above, you can help make sure your additional custom auto envelopes (like groceries) get funded by setting your Bills envelope to 0!


Hey Jacqueline,

Thank you for your quick response. I know your developers have a lot of irons in the fire, so I understand. It is just a pain in the meantime.

As for using goals instead of bills, don’t goals have a one time target? That is, I can’t set it to save up $100 every month. I’d have to set up a $100 goal for this month. Then next month set up yet another $100 goal. If that is the case, it is basically the same as manually funding my envelopes. Correct me if I’m not understanding that correctly!

I appreciate you trying to find a good solution for me. I’ll do my best to hang in there and am eagerly awaiting future updates!

Hey Yen-ri,

Anytime, thank you for your understanding and patience! If your expense is $100 per month, you can set a one year goal for $1200, 2 year goal for $2400, etc…Or, you can also set it for $100 and change the due date each month!

In any case, I have definitely conveyed your feedback to our team and it is something we are very strongly considering in the future.


Hi Jacqui,

Curious if additional payment frequencies for itemized bills could include “every other (choose day of the week)”. Many of my bills get pulled every other Friday for example and not on specific dates each month. Because of this I have to manually move money into bills each month.


Hey Katie,

Definitely, we are working on updating the payment frequencies over the next few weeks!