Can't connect my new envel card or withdraw cash to external bank accounts

I’ve been having issues for about a week now where I cannot transfer money to my external bank account, nor can I add my new envel bank card I get error code: query did not return a unique result:2. I’ve no idea what this means can someone please help me

Have you tried to delete the app an download it again… did you use the cash envelope account and routing number

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Hey Devin,

Welcome to our forum, and I’m very sorry that you are having issues!

Which method are you using to transfer money to your external bank account? Are you doing it through Envel or your external bank, and what error message are you receiving? A common issue is that users link their Income account and routing numbers (these are only meant for deposits INTO you Envel account) to external accounts and then try to pull money OUT of this accounts, which can’t be done: you must link your Envelope routing/account numbers to pull money OUT of Envel, and make sure there are sufficient funds in the envelope you are pulling from.

For the debit card issue, are you having trouble activating? As @Gary_Miles mentioned (thank you!) deleting and redownloading can solve a lot of issues like this.