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Can't login I have a new phone and number

Need to change my number but I’m not able to login because my old number is not working

Hey Tim,

Welcome to our community forum, we are excited to have you on board and are very sorry that you are having issues! I saw that you opening a support ticket, and I just flagged this to our support team again. Since phone verification is used for security purposes, they may have you confirm your identity some other way.

In any case, please let me know if you don’t hear back by tomorrow!


I have the same issue only to add I can’t pass the identity verification process because I don’t have a government issued photo ID. This same exact problem arose at my other mobile banking options where I was allowed to submit my Medicaid Insurance information card and my State issued benefits card to verify my Identity. If you could be so kind as you banking competitor (dough) that would be great. I just got my card in the mail and I was so excited to start using it and now unfortunately I’ve been left disappointed especially when the app states all Envel needs for identity verification is a social security number.

Hey Ryan,

I’m sorry that you ran into issues. Just to clarify, did you onboard or not? You can only order a card once you’ve fully onboarded, so it does sound like you were able to successfully get into the app?


I did the verification and still have no access
Ton anything my card or account

Hey guys so I have a question where or how do I find refer a friend I used some ones link they sent me and I like this app so far been pretty good wanted to invite my sister because I think this would be perfect app for her but can not find out for the life of me how to use my invite let along find it

Hey there,

We ended our most recent referral campaign last week, but we do plan to have others. When we do, you will see the link on your home screen when you login to the app.