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Cash deposits

Would be extremely convenient if there were the ability to deposit cash somehow, like at walmart, cvs, 7-11, etc, like with a few other apps…


Hey Jason,

Thank you for the suggestions! I know that our users have deposited Checks at Walmart, and it looks like you can upload money onto a Walmart card, which you can then link to Envel: How to Add Money to Your Card | Walmart MoneyCard

I am sure there are other stores that do this, I know at CVS and Walgreens you can deposit cash and get a prepaid card. But I agree that a more direct service would be very useful, and I am making a note to our engineers!


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Being able to deposit at maybe a MoneyPass ATM would be extremely convenient. Just had to buy a prepaid card the other day, and once it’s on that card, what’s the use of connecting it to Envel if I can just use that card? Plus it costs $6.

So if there’s any update to this I’d really appreciate it!


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Hey Zachary,

Welome to our forum, we are super excited to have you on board! While you are able to withdraw at MoneyPass atms for free, I unfortunately don’t have an update on deposits or when we will enable them. A few other people have brought this up though, so I will log this to our dev team and see if I can get it prioritized!


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Hi, I’m having the same question…

how would I be able to deposit cash?? Btw I just tried depositing cash at a local money pass atm.

And Unfortunately it didn’t work it kept giving me my cash back.

This is something to look forward in Envel… people still carry cash and not having a way to deposit cash can be problematic

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Fees are a dealbreaker. If I’ve got to pay a fee to deposit cash, I’ll just stick it in an envelope and save it or spend it. The trade off is that often, I’d like to put that cash in my Envel vault so that it can fund my Envel goals directly. I have several Envel goals with corresponding paper-envelope goals.

This also becomes a problem if I fully fund one of those goals and need to spend the money online.