Category Ideas

Not sure if anyone suggested this or not but when changing a category for a transaction, how about give us an option to have that stay that way with the same transaction each month? Like if I pick Entertainment for something like Disney+ instead of me having to go in each month and change the new charge to Entertainment have it do it for me.

I also wouldn’t mind being able to add in my own Categories. Like, add Games, Streaming, etc as options.


I think this is already happening. This is my second month of being all in with Envel and it remembered my HP Instant Ink subscription was a Bill. I didnt have to move it.

Hey John,

We were planning to do this with transaction tagging (i.e. give you the option to tag a transaction as coming from a particular envelope, and indicate that you want all future transactions to be put into that envelope). I believe the same is true for categories, but I will confirm with our dev team! And I will also ask if it’s possible to create your own categories :blush:


Confirmed: this is the plan for the future! (in terms of selecting a category and indicating that you want all future transactions from a vendor to be sorted in that category).

Not sure if I missed something, but how do I show everything I have spent in a certain category?

Hey there!

We are still working on a feature to allow users to visualize their spending breakdown by category…stay tuned?


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