Contacting Support

So I’ve been trying to get a replacement card because i confirmed some fraudulent charges and have filed a dispute with the visa hot line already. And they canceled my card. The one and only time i got ahold of anyone from envel they said that that visa department had to notate on my account that id spoken with them before id be able to get a new card or use my account. Well i had to call them back twice and make them even read the notes back to me so i knew it got done the 2bd time… now evertime i try and contact envel support the application closes … same when i try And link a external account… which I NEED TO DO i need my money out of there… it also just closes on me when i try and replace the card…i need some assistance please . This is getting to be unacceptable.

Good luck it took me almost two and a half weeks to get my money from him after something that’s similar situation happened so I started calling him every single day and talking to him really bad and I finally got a replacement card I had to wait for my card to get here and then I went and pulled all my money out and I’m done with envel because they flat out refuse to help do anything to give me my money they didn’t want to give me my money so I hope it worked out for you but they’re a shady company