Credit building capabilities

Chime offers their optional credit builder card and other competitors in the market are also planning on offering something similar.

Chime also has a cool spot me feature, borrow $20-$100 fee free.

If envel wants to reach that chime market cap it needs more offerings

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Hey there!

A credit building feature is on our roadmap. To be fair, Chime doesnā€™t have our autopilot feature. Each neobank/fintech app has their own unique features, and we are confident that ours will be game changers.

So for now, our focus is on perfecting our AI functionalities. But appreciate the note, and as I mentioned the credit builder feature is on our roadmap. For the spot me, you can instantly transfer to friends with Envel accounts for no fee!

Welcome to our forum, and let us know if you have other questions or feedback!