Credit card payments/savings transfers declined


My last 3 credit card payments as well as 2 of my transfers to my Barclays savings account keep getting denied. My wife also has an account and when the daycare tries to process the payment it gets declined as well. We get an R01:insufficient fund error on the charge back. I emailed support but haven’t heard back in in the last 24hrs. Not sure why they are getting declined, but I could now be getting charged a fee due to the charge back. Can someone please look at this as soon as possible. I will need to change banks if this is a bigger issue then it seems. Thanks


Hi Ceasar,

Welcome to our forum! I am very sorry that you are having issues, that must be frustrating.

I just messaged our user support team, so you should be getting a reply in the next hour or so (please let me know if you don’t!)

For the payments you were trying to make, were you using your debit card or routing/acct numbers?

  • If you are using a debit card, it will be linked to your Cash envelope by default, so make sure that there are sufficient funds in your Cash. If you would like to pay from your Bills envelope, make sure to use Card Link to link to the Bills envelope when you are making payments (you do this by tapping on the debit card icon in the top right, and then swiping the Bills envelope

  • If you are using account/routing numbers, make sure you are using the numbers from the Envelope of your choice (Bills, Cash, etc…) and NOT the Deposit routing number (this is the one you share with your employer for direct deposit).

I hope this was helpful, and please keep me posted on your support ticket. If you have other questions or feedback, they are always welcome!


Thanks for getting back to me!

For payments I was using the routing/account numbers. So it looks like I was using the account I shared with HR. I thought since that was linked to the cash envelope it would still be ok to use since I had enough money in their. I’ll go ahead and make the switch and try again.

My next question is, my cash envelope shows a daily amount, then next to it in grey it shows another amount. Is the grey amount the actual amount I have but just pending? I feel like I’m still missing some money, not sure if the money was taken out then have to wait for it to come back into my account.

Great, let me know how the payments go! The grey amount is the total amount in your cash, which you can access by turning off your daily limit. The daily amount is the recommended amount for you to be able to stay on track with the rest of your expenses!

Will do, once I get everything switched over I will.

Can you let me know how to turn off the daily limit please? I’m not using the AI and can’t seem to find where to turn it off. Thanks!

Hey Ceasar,

What happens if you transfer funds into your cash? Does the daily amount and/or grey number change? It appears that you can only switch off the daily limit in autopilot. If you switch to autopilot, turn off the daily limit (by tapping on the top rectangle on the Main (center) tab, and then switch back to manual, what happens?


Enabling then disabling autopilot worked, thanks!

Yeah. My card was being declined too because I didn’t realize the daily amount was a hard stop and not just a suggestion. Instead of getting rid of the autopilot so I could access all my money I switched to the weekly amount - which I haven’t gone over in a week yet so i think that’s the best option for me.