Custom envelopes, transaction types

Ive made a custom envelope since my goal will not autofund due to some bug. When a custom envelope is made will the AI factor it into splitting up deposits or are they only manually funded? If its auto how do I tell the AI how much to add in a month?
Separately every time I add funds to my envel it always says the transaction type is salary even if I’m just moving something from venmo. Is there a way to edit the transaction type? Id like to be able to see the categories from where im receiving money I.E. monthly income split into where it came from salary, gift, venmo ect.

Hey Ammi,

Custom envelopes are manually funded! In terms of changing the transaction types, I just asked the team and will let you know once I get an answer! I believe the answer is currently no, but I’m glad you brought it up as it would definitely be nice to allow users to do this!


Ammi, do you have enough money in vault for the daily transfer to goals? If you do, your goals should be funding. Please dm me the number or email you signed up with so I can look into this for you :slight_smile:

Hi Tess, yes I have $50 in my vault. Ive deleted the goal and remade it. The amount stays at zero. Honestly this app has so many things y’all are “working on” or just don’t work like advertised im surprised you even brought it to the market the way it is. Nothing feels smooth or simple. Feels like a maze when I’m in the application and I just want to close it. I still can’t change my passcode to enter the app so I’ve been stuck with biometric which is hit or miss on my phone and when i reached out all i got back was a we are “working on it”. Goals aren’t funding. Ive had a venmo transfer “pending” for 5 days now. The autopilot doesn’t take nearly enough out of my deposits into evleopes as it should, so I have to manually move money to them. If I recalibrate it takes everything I’ve added out of the bill/utility/savings and put it back into the cash envelope. On top of all that I just read that my direct deposit paychecks won’t clear for an additional 3-4 days (more like a week cause i get my checks on Fridays) unlike any other bank I’ve ever used. Really starting to regret switching way more of a headache then simplicity.

Hi there!

Apologies for all the frustration! I know there are a lot of ‘we’re working on it’ responses going around and being a product user myself on the receiving end of services which aren’t always where I want them to be, I can most definitely understand any annoyance! However, your feedback helps us immensely to improve the app exponentially and shape it into something you are satisfied with! So thank you for your patience - it will most definitely reap results :smile:

Onto some of your issues:

  1. Your passcode: I tried changing mine and its working for me. When last did you try? If this persists please dm me the email or number you signed up with and I will make sure the issue is fixed!
  2. Goal funding appears to be a bigger problem than initially expected so will keep you updated on that!
  3. Again, please dm me your info so I can look into the pending venmo transaction :slight_smile:
  4. What version of the app are you on? A fix went in a week or so ago which improves your paycheck split.

Although your experience is far from where we want, we have skin in the game too and are committed to ensuring this app progresses swiftly! Please reach out with your sign up info and I’ll investigate and try get this sorted for you :raised_hands:

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Is there any way to change the time stamp on the transactions from a 24hr clock to a 12hr clock? I just prefer to view things in terms of AM/PM

Not currently, but I will convey your request to the team as many of our users would likely agree with you!