Custom envelopes

I would love to see Al autopilot should include the custom envelopes to divvy things up when direct deposit hits the account, maybe even rename the autonomous to budget envelopes


Hey Gary!

We recently had a poll about renaming our envelope types, and the winner was Smart Envelopes for autonomous envelopes, and Custom for Custom (no change). What do you think of these?

Also, I spoke with one of our developers, who said that they are working on allowing users to implement their own rules for divvying up amongst their Auto/Smart envelopes! I think the plan is to keep the Custom envelopes as is (manual transfers only), and allow users to select between autopilot and their own chosen rules for Auto/Smart envelopes, but let me know if you have other suggestions as this is still in the early phases of dev!


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Ah understood, but smart envelopes Im definitely in for that development… I’ll keep posted for any other ideas to help build Envel


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