Customer support

OKI have a huge issue with the fact that I can’t talk to a human being about an issue that I have… The fact that I started a claim on October 14th and haven’t received my new debit card yit card yet is a little outlandish. I keep getting a run around saying call this number and the number is for the fraud prevention team. Then they say well we can’t access that part of the account you need to go to the mobile app and chat with support… I need my money NOW!!! Where is my fucking debit card?

Hi Kody,

You’ve opened multiple tickets, and various team members from various departments have responded to you multiple times.

We’ve responded to you again in the past few minutes, and sent you a link to verify your account. We need you to fill this out in order to make changes to your account or order you a new card.


Thanks, now I’m going threw so many more issues when all I wanted was a new debit card. They are questioning all kinds of things all because I left a poor review. I don’t normally leave review if I have some thing negative to say but this is ridiculous!

Hey Kody,

It actually helps us help you quicker if you only send in one support email or chat, as that way we don’t have to spend time going through them to see if they are duplicates! I hope that you get the support you need ASAP.