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Customer support?

My account was locked and I am now in day 4 without funds. I have been contacting customer support on the app just to be left on read and no update. I am in desperate need for help. I sent them proof of where my money is coming from and everything. I don’t know what else to do. I’ve emailed, contacted on Instagram, through the app, on Apple store. Please I just need my money, I really enjoyed the bank but this is just crazy I’ve never experienced anything like this before why am I begging my bank for my funds??? @Envel @Eleanor

@Nydia_Stephenson I’m sorry you’ve been affected by the less than stellar support at @Envel . I tried to stick it out with them because I was excited about the potential but they’ve shown repeatedly that there are no adults minding the shoppe. Part of my suite of professional skills is advising startups. I’ve offered them, envel, the benefit of insight as to why I and several colleagues who are also investors and advisors won’t invest in them. Childish BS like not responding to their customers’ concerns is at the top of that list. You are not the first you’re not even the 100th. If you search around the forum you’ll see story after story about how people have been left hanging for days, weeks, even months. I myself have been waiting for over 2 weeks for a response to an issue that should have gotten an immediate response but they just don’t seem to care enough about how their ineptitude affects their customers. I can’t in good conscience recommend that anyone use Envel. Not because they screw up (we all do that) but because they are terrible at communicating.

Best of luck to you in getting some resolution on your issue. I’ve decided to start my own fintech app/company because I can’t possibly screw it up as much as they have.

Yea, I finally got a response after blowing up all of their contact point and threatening to report them. Never in my life been left on seen by a bank it’s ridiculous. Moved all my money out today and closed the account. Shame I really did like the concept but never should I be confused about what’s happening to my account with no communication. Had I had been told what was happening I would’ve been okay, but this is unacceptable. Hopefully your issue gets resolved as well.

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@Nydia_Stephenson I’m glad you got it resolved. Best of luck to you.

I need help. My account has been locked for a week and now all of my bills are past due and I’m going to lose my job because i cant afford to get to work. I cant even afford to feed myself, my family or my innocent pets. I cant believe this. No one will help me and ive been begging them.