Daily/Weekly Cash Questions

Is anything suppose to happen with any extra cash when I’ve got my cash setting set on “Daily” or “Weekly”?

For example: If I have the AI set to “Penny Pinching” and Cash setting to “Daily” and I’m allotted $150/day to spend but lets say that I only spend $25, meaning I left $125 of the original $150 untouched. What happens to the remainder?

Right now it looks like it just stays in my Cash envelope. Is this the desired result? Should it go to the vault? Is it currently staying in the Cash envelope because I’ve only had a single direct deposit and the AI is still trying to figure stuff out?

How is this suppose to work? I would think that if you’re setting me a daily or weekly limit that something should be happening with anything left over.


Hey Koby,

We are conferring with our dev team on this, and will get back to you!

Jacqui + the Envel Team

I need some clarification on this as well. What happens if you have a limit set per week and you get charged something on your card that is more than that amount. Does it bounce? Or get declined or does it just pull from emergency?

Hey Branden,

Currently it would get declined (you would not be charged an overdraft fee). When our subaccounts roll out (they are currently in internal testing, we are hoping to roll out in the next few weeks) the funds would get pulled from another envelope such as Emergency fund!


For what it’s worth Branden, Envel currently sends notification when that happens asking if you’d like to cover it with your emergency fund. If you say yes, you can just swipe your card again and it will work.

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