Debit card trasaction

Which envelope is used when I use my debit card?

Good morning @Nomad, the Cash Envelope is linked to your Debit Card. A new feature will be live next week with some more flexibility. Make sure you update the app by then! :sunglasses:

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Great to hear that you are adding more features. I am wondering what will happen when there is no funds in cash envelope. Will Envel move rhe funds from bill envelope yo cash envelope?

It will not automatically move these funds. This is because we want to protect yourself from spending money that is meant for the actual Bills. Obviously, some bills might be linked to your debit card. So we’re working on a system that detects this and still takes it from the Bills Envelope (with some backend magic).

Your Emergency Envelope should keep you covered. If you have a spending limit enabled and you run out of funds, it will then ask you if you want the Emergency available for the next 30minutes. Let me see if I dig up an old screenshot somewhere.

Now, not everyone is happy with this because it will decline your initial purchase (insufficient funds in Cash Envelope) and you will need to retry the purchase when you allow the funds transfer from Emergency to Cash. Leaving an annoying experience at the POS.

A lot of information :sweat_smile: What do you think?

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Thanks for your response. Envel being the smartest bank, I would expect it work smart. When the auto-pilot allocates the funds in the envelopes, it should be able to move the funds automatically depending on the type of transactions. At least, it should check with me before declining the trasaction. Especially when funds are available in other envelopes. It doesn’t serve the purpose if it declines the trasaction basis cash envelope balance only and expects me to move the funds from other envelopes. I realize that no bank is currently working this way. Do you think Envel is smart enough to offer this kind of option?

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Finally, I tried the feature linking the debit card to a different envelopes. It is nice to see that timer. But in my opinion, 5 min is a very short period unless one takes the pain to open the app and change the envelope just before swiping the card. It is too much from the world’s smartest bank to ask its customers to think. Instead, it should allow the customers to set the period - hours, days, moths, forever- through which the card can be attached to particular envelope.
In my case, I would like to pay from Bills envelope. But it is practically impossible to keep track of a particular bill payment date and try to change the debit card to bill envelope.


Two very valuable points here @Nomad :

  1. We have built a feature which we call our Bills Sorter. This feature should automatically pay your bills from your Bills Envelope when you use your Envel debit card. When a bill comes in we’ll pick it up and will allocate it to Bill Envelope; no need to link card to Bill for that - we’ve got this!

  2. I too would like the link to be for as long as I want it - awkward to try and do it in the queue or queue may take longer than 5 min or I want to make all payments for the next 2 hours against my Groceries envelope.

Are you able and willing to help us test number one?


Hi Diederik,

I will be glad to help you guys test the Bills Sorter feature. Let me know how I can be of assistance on this feature.