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Delayed appearance of transactions

Is it just me or has anyone else experienced deposit and bill transactions showing up later than usual? Typical purchases are still immediate. But I have completed transactions on the other party’s side, yet it’s not showing up in Envel. These same transactions/types of transactions posted sooner in the recent past. I have been checking for these in the same time frame that I have seen previously and when I expect it but it just seems delayed.

Hey Adam,

We were seeing this with a few users yesterday, but it should have been resolved by yesterday evening! Are you still missing any transactions?


I’ll keep an eye out and keep you posted on new transactions. It wasn’t with on-site transactions but vendor/bill payments and deposits. I’ll have to wait for one of those types to see. Thanks.

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Thank you, definitely keep us posted!

I’ve cashed out 5 $ to my Chime account and still haven’t received my money im confused.
Is there a wait time?

Funds typically leave out next business day depending on when requests are submitted.

Please log in to your Envel app and contact us from the support options if you need more specific information regarding your account.

I am also now having this same issue. I was in a panic when I was in the app and money was taken out but no transaction came up for it. Then I realized my bill came out but just didn’t show a transaction or send me a notification about it.

Yeah I still don’t get notifications for manual envelopes which is where my bills are paid from (but that’s on a different post).

I am still experiencing this. One was a transaction in my bills envelope and the other was a debit transaction last night. The money is gone from the envelopes, but I can’t see the transactions.

Good day everyone,

Our development team is aware of the issue that recent transactions are not immediately showing in the app. There was an update with our banking processor which took longer than expected and created a back log that our team is now working through.

Thank you for your patience as our team continues resolving this matter.

Kind regards,