Direct Deposit and Goal Funding

From reading various support articles, I take it that auto-funding of Goals will not happen until and unless I have some sort of direct deposit into Envel.

Also, if I have read correctly, goals are funded in both ‘autopilot’ and ‘manual’ modes.

If this is true, then my question is this: does any level of direct deposit trigger auto-funding ? I am coming from - as are many potential users - and I want, right now, to use Envel to separate out various savings goals that I have, not for bill payment or other cash management yet.

I don’t intend to direct-deposit my entire paycheck - right now anyway. So, can I accomplish what I want to by having some amount direct deposited ?

Hi there! Welcome to the community forum! Thrilled to have you here!

Auto funding of goals will happen (in manual and autopilot) as long as there is money in your vault and your cash envelope - you don’t need to have a direct deposit :slight_smile: So you can definitely accomplish what you would like to, now :tada:

Please feel free to ask more questions - here to help!

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Hi Tess ! Thank you for that info. That helps greatly…however :confused:

Now that you say that…I am wondering what I am doing wrong…or what’s not working correctly.

I do actually have money in both the ‘vault’ and ‘cash’, but the one goal that I have setup is not funding.

Any suggestions ?

Hey there!

I’m sorry you are having issues. Have you contacted support? ( This is the quickest way to get help. However, I suggest deleting the goal and resetting it, as that tends to solve a lot of issues. If the goal still isn’t funding, let us know and I will log this as a bug to our support team! Appreciate your engagement and feedback.


No there is an issue with Goals funding. I brought it up in the other topic about this. I’ve had money in both my vault and my Cash envelope, and the only money in my goals is the money I placed there manually.

Fortunately I have a spreadsheet that tracks my goals that made based off what I had in Simple so I can fund the goals per paycheck until this gets sorted out.

Honestly, I’d really like it if they could just get funded when the direct deposit comes in. That would be the simplest and most automated way to handle this feature, as pulling from the vault doesn’t make sense as by the use of “Vault” implies that it’s money to be untouched, and pulling from “Cash” means you don’t actually have the cash needed for goals “available” to spend if it also needs to fund goals.

@mkoby I did actually read your post the other day, so I wasn’t certain if my new issue was related.

Looks like it might be.

Hi Jacqueline,

I did actually try support regarding my initial question about how goals are funded, but have not received a reply. That’s why I posted something here. I will try deleting and re-creating the goal.

@jacqueline So, I deleted and re-created the goal. I will need, I guess, to give it a day to see if it is funded…however, I may have uncovered another issue…

I created the goal (target amount $200.00, target date 04/30/2021 ). It had a balance of $0.00 and showed $3.00/day as the contribution.

Then I transferred $145.00 from “cash”.

The balance for the goal is now, of course, $145.00 but it still says $3.00/day. Should be around 85 cents/day.

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Wow hearing all this is making me nervous about doing my direct deposit now. My understanding is that you use the direct deposit account and that will deposit it into your account and the “AI” will distribute money to your bills goal. The rest will go to cash. That amount should be your total amount for your bills. This was the way I was going to use it. As I think the goals are separate from the “AI” feature? Am I totally off here?

Hey there,

Thank you for catching this! Logging this as a bug to the team right now.

I’d be curious to see how your Goal ends up getting funded win the next few days, if you care to let us know! In any case I appreciate your patience and your help in tracking down bugs for us a lot.


I’m sorry to hear that, if you message me the name or email you submitted it under I will check up on it for you ASAP! Thank you for bearing with us

Hey Koby,

Thank you for the reminder, and I am flagging the Goals not funding issue to our engineers as a top priority right now!

I appreciate your extra effort of keeping a spreadsheet for now, and will work with the team to make sure that the Goal funding issue gets fixed ASAP.

In regards to the Goal funding schedule, you “Cash” never gets touched. Your Goals are entirely funded from your Vault, as to protect your expenses and “Cash.” Does this system seem viable to you?


@mkoby @scampione just got confirmation from our developer that this bugs as been fixed as of today! Just make sure you have the most recent version of the app, and that there are sufficient funds in your Vault to cover your Goal(s). And of course, make sure that Envel hasn’t flagged your goals as unviable.

If you are still having issues, please let us know!


@jacqueline I’m glad the issue is resolved. I just moved a bunch of money to my vault so we’ll see what happens over the next few days.

As for the “viability” of the system. The word “Vault” by its definition means “protected” or “hidden away” so using that money to fund goals seems counterintuitive to me. I’ve explained this to @Tess as well in some other conversations.

The best setup for goals really should be to fund them when a paycheck hits as that completely sets the money aside upon receipt and the user isn’t left with a false sense of security with money in their “vault” that isn’t really technically in the “vault” because it’s going to be used to fund goals.

I know you guys aren’t trying to be Simple and you have your own way of doing things and so far I’ve been mostly okay with that, but this one seems rather counterintuitive. If money is in the Vault, it’s meant to remain untouched and saved.

@jacqueline I would agree with @mkoby to some degree in that the “vault” is more “untouchable” so to speak. Additionally, when I was playing around, I attempted to move money from the vault and was presented with the hammer or axe or whatever it was so that I would know that I’m “breaking in” to the vault.

In any case, it doesn’t matter where it comes from as far as I’m concerned. And, just so I’m clear once and for all…goals are funded from $ in the vault, not cash, is this correct ? Because i’m still a little confused given this from an earlier post:

Hey! So this was the case before our most recent update, but know you can disregard it. You are correct. Apologies for the confusion!

Hey @jacqueline ! Thanks for clearing that up.

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Hi @jacqueline , just an update…

After deleting and re-entering the goal, I am observing the same conditions.

  • Installed latest update, so I am now on v1.8.7 (iOS 14.4 btw)
  • Deleted and re-created the goal, again for $200 with the same target date of 04/30/2021
  • The calculated contribution was $3.00 / day
  • Transferred $145.00 from Cash
  • The calculated contribution still shows $3.00 / day
  • The goal is still not funding

Hey @scampione

Thank you for providing this detail. I am conveying to our engineers, who have already flagged this as a bug. They may not get a chance to address it this weekend, but I will make sure that it gets prioritized next week.

For now, since you are already ahead on the goal, perhaps wait until next week when we can get this resolved. It could be that the AI is not funding the goal because you are already ahead on it, but in any case our engineers are working to adjust this (so that it would fund regularly even if you do incorporate manual deposits.

As always, appreciate your feedback and help in debugging the app!


Hi @jacqueline ,

Thanks for getting back with me.

Just a note: I am not using A.I. mode. I am using ‘manual’ mode. Don’t know if that matters.

Yes, it could be that the goal is considered to be ahead. Maybe that’s why it is not funding…however, I would expect that the movement of $145.00 into the goal would trigger a recalculation of dollars / day. So instead of $3/day it would be $.65/day or something like that, and would continue to fund.

In any case, I will wait to hear from you next week.

Thanks again Jacqui !