Direct Deposit and Goal Funding

Thank you for the heads up! Updating our dev team, we just chatted with them and this issue is a top priority

Just an update…goals still not funding. I figured the devs are working on it already but I just wanted to let you know.

Thank you for letting me know. You have the latest version, correct? Do you still have just the one goal that you manually transferred $145 into? They are working on a fix, but I believe that for now that particular goal will not start funding until its been ~48 days since you did the manual transfer ($145/$3).


Hi @jacqueline ,

Yes, I have v1.8.7, and yes, just the one goal.

Well, I guess I would have expected that the deposit of $145 would have caused a recalculation of dollars / day. So that the original of approx. $3/day would change to approx $.65/day

I believe that’s part of the fix they are working on! Most of our users don’t generally manually fund their goals, so this hasn’t been an issue. But I just checked and this is marked as a “STOP, DROP, and ROLL” priority for our dev team, which means that it is at the top of their list.

Thanks @jacqueline ,

I can understand why that would not have been an original requirement. And I probably would not have done it that way if I didn’t already have money in the goal when I was with Simple.

Good to hear that it’s being worked on !

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No worries, there was no way for you to know!

This issue seems to be largely resolved as my goals have been funding daily since my last paycheck.

However, scrolling back through the posts in this topic, it appears as goals should be funded only from the vault (see post and replies), however, they seem to only get funded when I have cash in the Cash envelope. I have money in my Vault but the goals did not get funded the last couple of days that I haven’t had money in my Cash envelope.

Confusion still remains over exactly how goals get funded. If they’re only suppose to be funded from the vault, why are they not being funded from the vault when there is no cash in the Cash envelope?

I’m in AI mode and I have the cash setting set to “Daily”, I’m also on the latest version of the app.

Instead of pulling funds towards goals on a per day basis, is there an option to do this per pay period?

I’d like to get additional questions answered before moving my direct deposit over and stopping my goals on

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Hey Allen,

Not currently, although you can always manually transfer funds (which is instant and free) into your Goals from any other envelope when your paycheck comes in.

However, we have gotten a few requests for the ability to select alternative goal funding schedules. What would you like to see? I’m also happy to add your vote to the ‘alternative goal funding schedules’ feature request if you’d like! We are compiling a tally of our top requested features to help us prioritize our product development, so let us know if there are other features you would like to see.


Hi Jacqui,

If I could have the option to move funds into goals and the like (Vault, Bills, Emergency, etc…) every pay period, that would be most ideal.

Personally, if the funds are pulled into their respective places on paydays (every 2 weeks, for me), this helps me have a better handle on how much “free cash” I have that’s safe to spend.


Thank you, that makes a lot of sense! Currently your Goals get funded from your Vault, so they actually shouldn’t impact your daily spending. But I will definitely make a note of your request: it sounds like allowing users to choose between different funding schedules may be the best option!

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I would like consistent messaging around exactly how things work.

Stating “Goals are funded from the vault” and then saying it goes from the vault to cash to the goals is mixed signals.

Either goals get funded from the vault or they don’t. It’s that simple. What you just described is that goals are not funded from the vault. If the goals are “funded from the vault” as originally stated, then what’s in the cash envelope should have zero bearing on the goals getting funded, only whats in the vault.

Granted the point of a long term savings goal is that you don’t always have the complete amount in the vault but the vault is funded via the AI on each deposit. Thus I would assume some kind machine learning is done here to keep the vault funding goals when it knows another deposit is coming in at some point.

This has been a fairly reoccurring issue where someone from the Envel team makes a statement only to have real life conflict and then when asked for clarification we get an almost completely different statement about how things work. This is people’s money and understanding how that money is managed by your AI and your backend system is important information that lets people figure out HOW they then need handle things in conjunction with your system.

Hi Koby,

I am very sorry about the confusion and mixed messaging. I completely understand your frustration, and apologize for any stress this has caused you.

To clarify, your funds do move directly from Vault into Goals: I just got confirmation from our management team. What I was saying is not that funds go Vault → Cash ->Goals, but rather from Vault → Goals normally, and Vault → Cash ONLY if you don’t have sufficient funds in your Cash. Once your Cash is replenished, the Vault-> Goals transfers will resume.

However, this was explained to me several weeks ago, before our dev team reworked the entire Goals framework. So I take full responsibility for the miscommunication: I should have followed up with them for a more recent update before replying to your post. I am very sorry. I am deleting my post (not your reply to it) to avoid spreading misinformation.

I am currently following up with our developers to get you a complete and accurate reply.


Update from the management team: your Cash does NOT currently impact your Goal funding in any way. We are working on building smarter rules for our Goals algorithms, but we will keep users posted when/if this changes. Apologies again for the miscommunication, and I will be much more careful going forward: tomorrow we are going to spend a lot of time building an FAQ list, for this forum as well as for our internal use, to avoid these instances.

I have the exact same thing going on. When I create a goal and then transfer money into it manually, the system does not recalculate the daily contribution properly. In addition, when I achieve goals, it’s not moving them into achieved status. I posted about it the other day.

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Thanks Jon- conveying these 2 issues to our product team members, who are working on revamping our overall goals infrastructure. The goal that you achieved isn’t still funding, correct? For now, if you manually transfer into your goal, the AI won’t start funding again until as late as it can while still achieving your goal and transferring the same daily amount as indicated when your first created the goal: this assures that your other expenses are being covered. However, this is also some the team is working to update!

When I transfer some extra into a goal, I’m usually trying to get ahead so the daily amount is lower without pushing back the completion date. I don’t like the idea of the system pausing my goal and then resuming at a later date at the amount I was trying to lower.

Speaking of pausing goals, sometimes priorities change and I’d like the ability to pause a goal temporarily. #pause-button


The achieved goal stopped funding when it changed to achieved status. The other goal that was complete has finally changed to achieved status.

I’m an entrepreneur and if I’m having a good week, I’ll transfer extra into my goals to knock down the daily amount and without having to change the end date. If the system is going to automatically pause goals i’d like the option to recalculate the daily amount and continue at the lower amount.

Priorities change and on a slow week, I might need to pause a goal or even transfer some money out of a goal and back into cash.

I know we’re voting on features but little things like this are the kinds of usability improvements that will keep customers happy so Envel can grow. You’ve got a huge opportunity here with Simple shutting down. If Envel does what Simple did and more, everyone who comes here from Simple is going to want to stay and recommend Envil to their friends and family.

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Hey Jon,

Thank you for this feedback! I love the idea of being able to pause goals, and I think it’s very realistic as priorities do change between weeks. I’ve added this to our product team’s to do board, and as I’ve mentioned they are in the process of completely reworking goals.

And please continue to let us know if you think of additional ways that we could better serve (and target!) Simple users.