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Direct deposit rejected

TL;DR Yesterday I learned that my account was locked because it was incorrectly flagged for fraudulent activity. I live paycheck to paycheck and my paycheck is nowhere to be seen.

I received a payment on Facebook pay and my bank didn’t accept it for some reason. It slowly dawns on me that my direct deposit hasn’t hit yet, usually I receive the payments on Wednesday mornings, early, but officially payday is Friday so I hadn’t panicked yet. At this time it was already Thursday morning. So I write in and after a lengthy back and forth with Wilson, he confirms that my account was frozen due to some bills bouncing due to insufficient funds. He requests NBKC to unfreeze and about an hour later says it’s been completed.

Meanwhile, I’ve connected the dots with my direct deposit and message Wilson. He reaches out to NBCK again and stated my direct deposit has been rejected due to the account being locked. He also said “we are not sure why the attempted/returned deposit is not showing up in transaction history, or why it does not show up for the user in transactions”. He tells me to have my payroll reattempt the deposit.

Foolishly, I do just that. My payroll rep isn’t sure he can do it but he calls paylocity and turns out that yes, he was able to reverse the deposit and they reattempted it. He tells me I should have my paycheck tomorrow!

Cut to today. No paycheck, my payroll rep tells me as far as paylocity knows the deposit was successfully transmitted. So it has to be my bank.

Look, folks. I’m not a woman of great fortune. As a matter of fact, I have now 2 bills overdue because of this deposit going poof. And guess who just realized there’s no phone number for envel anywhere? Somebody help me out here, please. @jacqueline ? @Eleanor ? @Envel ? Someone?

Hi @exchelzor Chelsea,

Our sincere apologies, our entire team is looking into your account. We are keeping an eye on your account. Sometimes it can take the paylocity bank’s account time to ‘clear’ the transaction. When your direct deposit hits the NBKC account it will be immediately available to you. We are keeping you posted.