Direct Deposit to a custom envelope

Hi Team,
With my workplace payroll system , I can split my check & direct deposit to 10 different accounts. Am i able to Direct deposit funds to my custom envelops ? Or is it wise to do direct deposit only to my cash envelope and split it from there on my own ?



Yes, There’s an “Add Funds”
For you to select that shows paycheck which is the direct deposit routing/account number, it’ll automatically go towards the cash envelope but once you recalibrate your utilities and subscriptions… Al will autopilot the funds to each envelope based on how much you wanna put towards those accounts weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to divvy things up

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Hey Eladio,

You are able to do direct deposit to any envelope of your choosing, custom included! However, if you use autopilot, we highly recommend depositing funds to your income account, which is then split amongst your envelopes. To find your income account information, click on the “Add funds” button on your Home or Envelope screen, as @Gary_Miles mentioned, and select “Paycheck.” If you give your employer this account information, your income will be distributed amongst your envelopes (on autopilot) or go straight to your cash (autopilot off).

Please let me know if this doesn’t make sense, or if you have any other questions!