Email notifications of approval. But the APP is still stuck says my application is still being reviewed. Need a little help

Even though I was approved 3 to 4 days ago I am unable to login in because the app is saying that my application is still being reviewed? Sent notifications about thia but haven’t been resolved. Just need a little help so that I can move forward.

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Hey Twanna,

Welcome to our forum! We are super excited to (almost) have you on board.

Do you mind messaging me the phone number or email associated with your account? (just click on my name, and select ‘message’). I can have our support team check up on this for you!


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Having the same issue unfortunately:(

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Hi everyone,

We’re seeing this issue with a couple of users, our team is aware and working on a fix.

Thank you for the patience!

Any updates? I’m still having this issue.

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same! Not sure what is going on, but I been approved since March 12th. Still haven’t been able to access the app

Hey Yusuf and @vintkona ,

Welcome to our forum! We are very excited to have you on board, and apologize very much for any stress this has caused you.

I would definitely try deleting the app and redownloading (also make sure you have the updated version), as this can fix a lot of bugs.

When did you submit your application? And when was the last time you successfully logged into the app?

Also, have you opened a support ticket? If not, I am happy to do it for you, as well as flag to our support team as top priority: just message me the email, phone number, or name associated with your account (by clicking on the circle with my photo, and then selecting ‘Message’).

In any case, thank you very much for giving us a heads up! We definitely want to get this sorted ASAP so that you can both get going.

All the best, and let us know if you have any other feedback or questions.
Jacqui + the Envel team

Hey Ruben,

Thank you for letting us know! See my reply in response to @Usf 's post, I tagged you.


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Hi @jacqueline, I’ve been having this issue too, since the 11th
I just tried clearing the app data and re-installing and its still there, not sure where to open a support ticket so any help is appreciated, thanks

Yup tried all that, opened on 3/11 and I’ve never been able to log in. I reached out to support and all I got was “Our product team is working on the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible”, not sure if that counts as having a ticket open. Thanks!

I been emailing back and forth with Robert ( but I am just being told I should of received an email for the onboarding process. I did receive an email with a call to action to order my card, but that button just takes me to the Envel home page on the website. Not sure what to do after being told by Robert that I was approved.

Hey Charlie,

Thank you for the heads up, and welcome to our forum! I am very sorry that you are having issues, and will work to get this solved for you ASAP.

@vintkona @Usf I am flagging this issue to our engineers as a top priority. Thank you all so much for your patience, and I will keep you posted with any updates I get. Please let me know if you do not hear back by the end of today!

Also, @Cammymoop you can open a support ticket by emailing! However, I just opened one for you, so no need. In the future, you can also contact support by using the chat function in the app.


Hey Ruben,

I checked up on your ticket, and it looks like you should be verified! Let me know if you are still having issues.


Just got the notification that I’m verified again and it’s fixed now for me :+1:

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I’m so glad to hear that! Super excited to now officially have you on board