Emergency Fund empty

I dont know if this is a bug but I just noticed my Emergency fund is empty. It was emptied once before when I turned off and on Autopilot. I didn’t do that this time. There is only two transactions listed and they are both credits, not debits. I haven’t had any income so I see no history of an autosplit.

Where is it?

Do you remember the balance on that emergency envelope?

yes i do. i’ve only moved money twice in there. Both for the same amount since it was zeroed out once before.

Ok an for those two transactions what dates does it show

May 7th and May 11th.

For those dates 7th and 11th who was the merchant

no merchants involved. i manually transferred funds in there and now they are gone. poof.

This also happened to me with one of my custom envelopes. The money just disappeared and I reached out for help and was offered no solution. I do not see any transactions or anyway to find daily register. I am really trying to be patient with envel while they get better and work out bugs but the lack of transparency in my own account is getting to be too much.

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For me, I have two custom envelops and they have not had money disappear. So far only Emergency has disappeared twice. This is my only issue so far with Envel after being all in with them for a month.

Hi all,

I apologize for the confusion. This is a bug that our technical team is currently investigating! @Karis_Jones. Thank you both for your patience!

Hey Karis,

Do you mind messaging me the name or email associated with your Envel account so I can open up a ticket for you?