Envel 1.11.0 Updates coming later this week!

Hi friends,

Check out our upcoming updates and improvements for Envel 1.11.0, which is scheduled to hit app stores later this week. You asked, and we listened! Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback to help build these updates.

Jacqui + the Envel Team


Awesome. Quick question. Will card still get declined if there isn’t enough in Cash?

For now, unfortunately yes. In addition to Envel 1.11.0 updates, our engineers are also working on the sub accounts feature for Envel 2.0, where all your autonomous envelopes will be technically under the same account number. So if you don’t have enough funds in your Cash, the app will automatically pull from a different envelope! And with transaction tagging (coming out with 1.11.0), you will be able to move your transactions around if you don’t like where the app pulled from.


Hmm. Will we be able to move our Bills envelope under the Cash envelope?

Sweet, I’m excited for this update :raised_hands:t5::relaxed:

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That’s coming with subaccounts, a feature we are planning for Envel 2.0! We are aiming to release in June

Thank you for your support friend! We’ve been testing them internally to work out the bugs, and honestly the new app looks awesome. We can’t wait to get your feedback!


Any idea when the new update launches? Says later this week but it’s already Friday night.


Hey John,

We are still doing internal testing, and working out some bugs that came up unexpectedly. We’d rather release a better, more reliable version a few days later than a buggy version a few days sooner! We appreciate your patience, and apologize for the delay.