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To keep you informed about new releases of the app and what has been improved :call_me_hand:


App update September 17, 2020 (build 658). The first major update since the start of public Beta :raised_hands:

A huge thanks to our Development Team and UX Designer who have (literally) worked day and night to get the app in the current state :tada: :muscle:

Here’s a list of improvements:

  • Manual review flow is working
  • Dates for virtual envelopes should be correct now
  • Amounts for virtual envelopes should be correct too
  • Added ‘Create new’ and ‘Connect new’ button to the Custom Envelope and Virtual Envelope section on the Envelope Screen. Those become visible if you have at least one Custom or Virtual Envelope created.
  • Updated the look of pending, reversed and rejected transactions in the transactions list
  • Minor UI fixes on the last page of the manual review flow

Thank you for all your feedback, keep it coming!


On Monday November 23rd we released our latest App Store and Google Play store version

Lots of new features and bug fixes! :slight_smile:

  • CardLink™ - You can now link your Envel Visa® Debit Card to any envelope you like just before you checkout
  • Improved Onboarding - We’ve redesigned the entire onboarding flow to make it easier for users to sign-up
  • pending Chart - Your daily Spending and Saving made easily available
  • Shared Envelope improvements - Easily Add and Withdraw funds or Invite Friends to join
  • Debit Card on Wallet page - Your Debit Card details are now easy to find and manage
  • Reoptimize - One click to reset your Autopilot
  • AI Modes Simplified - Penny-pinch, Beast, Party… change to the one that’s best suited to your needs

Try it out and provide us with your feedback :rocket:

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Thanks for all your feedback! Our team worked incredibly hard and we just released a new version of the iOS and Android app in the app stores.

What changed in the newest version

  • A new onboarding: now we’re using phone number and not email for onboarding, this is simpler and smoother. Many bug fixes to improve overall user experience.

  • Identity verification process: ID and selfie capture process to verify and protect identities has improved. Improvements to our Manual Review process by allowing further document uploads.

  • Improvements to Community Forum and Website: launched a FAQ page and direct link to the Help Center.

  • User Support: we implemented a new ChatBot for much better (out-of-office) support. Say hello to Millie!

  • Listened to our Community: we removed the unnecessary requests for location permission and biometrics login!

  • Resolved 150+ customer challenges and deployed fixes.

As always, let us know if you’re missing something and thank you for all the help and kind words.

There are spots left on our ‘Ask Me Anything’ where you can chat to our founding team.


The Envel Team

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