Envel is on FIRE on Wefunder!

So close to $800K, and nearly 4/5 of the way to one million dollars!

Such amazing support, feedback, and suggestions from all of our users and investor, we couldn’t do it without you!

Since I forgot to share our most recent social media Wefunder updates here, I’ll add them below.

We are so glad to have you all in the community!

Jacqui from Envel

When is this round coming to a close?

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It closes in early March or after they’ve raised the entire fund. Was asking myself the same question and found it answered on the WeFunder Q&A


Yep! Thank you @Carlile2011 you beat me to it. @kclk, let me know if you have other crowdfunding questions! Our Wefunder page is pretty thorough, the team did an awesome job!