Envel Premium: we need your Ideas!

Hi everyone!

As we move closer towards our roll out of Envel premium, we would love to get this conversation going again. What additional (we never plan to charge for the features we already have!) features would you be willing to pay for in a premium Envel account, and how much would you be willing to pay? I have a list of premium feature requests I’ve been tallying up that I can share, but I would love to get your unbiased thoughts first!

Jacqui + the Envel team

I would like to continue to enjoy free banking. :man_shrugging:t4:


What features are envel planning on rolling out?

Chime offers spot me free to their customers, free overdrafts up to $200 depending on direct deposits/activity. +$100 referral bonuses. (Envels $5 isn’t enough to get people to sign up for a new bank)

Cashapp/Robinhood let’s you buy fractional stocks for basically free already.

Envel imo needs to figure out how to cook these features into the platform for free and make their money on the backend like Robinhood.

You most definitely will be able to! Accessible banking and budgeting with minimal fees has always been at the core of our mission. This is just additional features we hope to implement further down the line!

Hey Alex,

Welcome back! It’s great to hear from you. Thank you for your feedback.

Current features in the works include joint accounts, sub accounts (making most of your envelopes subaccounts under a few larger accounts to prevent declined transactions), Plaid integration, and fractional investments (which we announced on our StartEngine page but are kind of keeping on the DL for now). To the best of my knowledge, we would not charge for these, but they are all works in progress.

We don’t charge overdraft fees, but I like the spot me idea and will add that to the list! We actually had massive success with just $5. As much as we would love to offer more, we are still in relatively early stages of funding, but we do hope to increase at some point!

Let me know if you can think of anything else!


I would definitely pay for:
Gold Debit Card I mean real gold
And Also be able to have different designs for our debit cards
Cashback 7% on Gas and Groceries and others 5%
12% High Yield savings account separate From Goals
Dividend investing
Bitcoin Investing
Loyalty Rewards meaning that if we make most of our purchases with envel we get rewards like gift cards by accumulating points with every purchase.Like Gas Cards and Grocerie Cards .

This would put Envel on top of other banks we have to go above and beyond to Take over these greedy banks that make people live paycheck to paycheck and to do this we have to put all of the people that use envel First.

Hey there,

Welcome to our forum, we are super excited to have you here!

Thank you very much for all of these suggestions: I am making a note of all of them! Do you have an idea of how much you would be willing to pay for each of these features?

In the mean time, if you have suggestions on how we could improve our current app, we would love to hear them!


Yes I’d pay 25$ a month for these features because they actually help me save money on the things I buy the most as in gas and groceries.
If you guys do this and have 300 members as premium that would be very beneficial for both parties Jacqueline.

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Hey there,

Completely agreed! Thank you for the payment info, I think this would be a reasonable price for all these features. We definitely plan to roll out premium features at some point in the future, its just a question of when!


Not sure about requiring premium for these but ideas so far.

Credit Builder
utility of some sort like a prefunded credit card( chimes credit builder) or loan to yourself(self).

Automatic Credit Card Transfers
The ability for the a.i. to track your balance and to transfer from cash/emergency/vault into whatever account you use to pay credit cards. as necessary to cover credit card usage.(I’m not sure if you’re able to use information collected by plaid or by other means. )

Snap Shot
Monthly graph breaking down outflows into categories/vendors. Giving you even more information on your own habits.
(Assuming you can use plaid information) then also have a networth tracker (personal capital)

Mobile check deposit

Checks- as some places still use them sadly .
Send a check(one finance) would work for 90% of cases.

Some people would like the ability to make loans of some sort.

Might edit in the future as I think of stuff.

Btw, I’ll settle for a card made out of Silver

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Hey Kenny,

Thank you so much for these ideas! Adding them all to our list. It’s likely that we would not charge for features that other apps don’t charge for, such as mobile check deposit.