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Well done Team Envel. I look forward to that day when Envel will grow to provide banking, loan, investing, crypto, currency transfer, trading and other money management services, all in one suit.


Hey Jerry,

Thank you so much for your kind words and support! At least one of those projects is currently in the works :wink: and many more are on our roadmap. We ultimately want to be your all-in-one go to fintech app!


Im still having trouble getting back in my account. I just past the id scan and send claims approval to support@envel.ai. Wilson was texting right back until I sent everything that needed to be sent. It’s going on 2 months my account been lock for no reason. I got a family I see after and need my bank account unfrozen please thanks

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Hey Kenneth,

It looks like we were able to unlock your account! I apologize sincerely for the time it took for this, and we are so glad to finally have you on board. My colleague is planning to expedite your card later today!


Why for 2 months?? Is that not ridiculous especially for no reason!!!